We began our journey in the Fall of 2019 as a group of passionate Industrial Design students, looking for ways to recycle our plastic waste on campus.

Image: Anne-Elisabeth Baker, Steve Love, George Chow, Jesus Garcia, Liya Thomas, Kezza MacTavish, Niell Gorman, and Elliott Martinez (not pictured).


In 2020, Keep Houston Beautiful donated our first machine: the shredder! While there wasn't much we could do during the pandemic, we continued to plan our future as an organization.

Image: Niell Gorman and Kezza MacTavish assemble the shredder.


The workspace began to develop during Summer 2021 once we were able to return to campus. Currently, we have a shredder, a heat press, and a toaster oven for small-scale experimentation. Students have also had success utilizing the large heating element of a vacuum former to create larger sheets of material.

Image: Francisco Grandi, Caitlyn Talton-Prater, Jolene Limqueco, Anne-Elisabeth Baker, Akanksha Bhatia, and Eric Sloat.

From PPUH to PPH

As we transition from a university organization to a non-profit, we have two goals. Firstly we wish to continue to educate our community on Plastics recycling and responsible practices. Secondly, we want to get our beautiful materials in as many hands as possible.

Image: July 22 Rice Climate Justice Summer Camp